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Price ( USD ) 4116560 42.640300000000000 23.330400000000000 16
Residential Complex RUHouse
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$ 84 057
1 067 $/m2
$ 341 281
1 507 $/m2
Floor area
72.5 m2
245.3 m2
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Specifications and completion of the building


The building is of a closed type, providing the maximum comfort and security of the residents. It is divided into 4 entrances with a total of 107 apartments, including 13 maisonettes/houses, 12 three-bedroom apartments, 55 two-bedroom apartments and 27 one-bedroom apartments, SPA/Fitness, underground parking garage with 124 spaces, 2 stores and RUHoffice. The RUHouse features excellent layouts that provide functionality and rational space utilization. The favourable exposure, richly glazed living areas and the view to Vitosha Mountain are among the many advantages that the building offers. The maisonettes are situated on a zero level, with separate ground planted terraces, creating the sense of detached houses.

Project and design

The RUHouse Project is for an 8-storey building on the terrain. The volumetric and spatial solution is a combination of several air spaces connected by the solid forms of the balcony railings. Additional accents in the composition are the volumetric shapes made of Etalbond in orange, also colour-bounded by the orange lamellae on the ceiling of the terrace visors on the top floor. The solution for all terraces is to be covered, as well as the ones on the last floor, which with view to their exposure to sunlight will be finished with selected design series - cold resistant granite. The solid railings on the terraces, as well as their bottoms, have Trespa cladding with built-in lighting fixtures, the Trespa cladding also turns towards the inner side of the railing, respectively. Facade solutions are designed with modern composite materials - Etalbond and Trespa (panels with wooden pattern), Viroc panels, aluminium joinery with double-glazing unit and intermittent thermal bridging. The roofs of the building are flat. All exterior walls are insulated with a thermal insulating system of mineral wool with a veil placed behind the composite facade panels between their structure. The thermal insulation in front of the external walls on facades and the bay windows has a thickness of 10 cm - EPS in front of brick walls, XPS in front of concrete elements and mineral wool in the sections with suspended orange Etalbond, and on flat roofs and over warm terraces - 16 cm XPS.


  • The structure of the building is monolithic, beamless, reinforced concrete. Staircases are also made monolithic of reinforced concrete. The roof of the building is flat, with hidden external drainage across the board, having vertical bars behind the facade linings
  • The external walls are built of masonry with a thickness of 25 cm and the internal walls are 12 cm thick. The thermal insulation in front of the external walls on the facades and underneath the bay windows have a thickness of 10 cm - mineral wool and XPS, and on flat roofs and hot terraces - 16 cm XPS
  • Closure of installation routes and niches in walls with moisture-resistant gypsum plasterboard and concreting the floor openings in them is included


Plumbing installation

  • The pipes that we have chosen for the plumbing installation are polypropylene, which do not degrade limescale on their walls and do not corrode, while avoiding water pressure fluctuations
  • The measurement of water consumption is carried out by water meters with remote reading, not requiring a collector to visit the home
  • Individual two-circuit condensate gas hot water boilers, placed in the storage rooms in each apartment or in specially designated areas to the facades
  • The Fire-extinguishing installation consists of dry pipes provided, as the underground parking garage is equipped with fire boxes and fireproof doors connected with the fire alarm

Sewage plant

  • The sewage plant is designed with "silent" pipes. Pipe material allows the noise of the draining water to be minimized
  • The provided ceiling drains, grilles and pipes are designed to capture and remove all rainwater. The vertical elements of the drainage are soundproofed and are hidden behind the facade lining. Thus, they do not affect the aesthetics of the building
  • The ceiling drains are heated to melt the snow
  • Air conditioning units have fixed locations hidden behind facade elements. Their drainage, as well as that of the gas boilers, is made through siphons. They are intended not to backflow sewage gases to the air conditioning units and hence to the residential premises
  • The ceiling drains are heated to melt the snow
  • Air conditioning units have fixed locations hidden behind facade elements. Their drainage, as well as that of the gas boilers, is made through siphons. They are intended not to backflow sewage gases to the air conditioning units and hence to the residential premises

Electrical installation

  • Separate electrical switchboards with IP 44 class of protection are provided for the basement level. The ventilation of the common areas is controlled through a time relay
  • In designated rooms in each entrance are placed electrical switchboards with single- phase and three-phase double tariff meters. The main electrometer switchboards are placed on the facade
  • The stores have a three-phase supply of the main switchboard at the respective inputs, with cables laid in PVC pipes hidden behind the machine plaster on the first floor
  • The apartments have a single-phase supply of the main switchboard at the respective inputs. Cables are drawn into PVC pipes hidden behind machine plaster
  • Lift buttons mounted on the stairway enclosures turn on the light in stairwells
  • Photocells will turn on the lighting in the corridors in front of the apartments
  • On-going and evacuation lighting is provided
  • All lighting fixtures are of a fireproof type and the external ones have an IP protection
  • The apartment switchboards have an inlet automatic switch and automatic fuse outlets. Current circuits of refrigerator, hot plates, oven, dishwasher, washing machine and common use sockets are provided with additional earth leakage protection
  • The power supply of the apartments will be made of an electrical apartment switchboard mounted in the entrance hall

Telephone installation, cable installation, Internet

  • Low-voltage cabinets will be installed in designated spaces on the ground floor of each entrance, from which will be pulled out cables for telephone installation, cable installation for cable TV and structured cabling
  • The low-voltage installations in the apartments and stores will be mounted in PVC boxes. Separate outlets with wires laid behind machine plaster will be pulled out of the PVC boxes

Video installation - Doorbell installation - Intercom installation, Surveillance system

  • The intercom installation includes an intercom panel with a monitor and speaker in each apartment, with a connection to the dashboard on the ground floor having an intercom speaker, camera and bell buttons
  • Built-in video surveillance system on the periphery of the building and on the driveway approaches to the residential entrances and on the basement at the ramps

Lightning protection installation

  • The site has a lightning protection of class III to prevent direct and indirect lightning strikes on the residential building

Earthing installation

  • Limiting the high voltage and conducting the large electrical charge that may occur upon lightning strikes or switching processes in the power system into the ground, eliminating or reducing the risk of damages to the electrical installation and protecting people and equipment from dangerous voltages

Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation Heating, Air conditioning

  • We have chosen high-tech and efficient microclimate maintenance systems throughout the building that are energy-saving and with low carbon dioxide emissions
  • The appliance does not burn the oxygen in the room, but takes it of the exhaust air from the outside air through a combined chimney system, through which the exhaust gases are discharged
  • A gas analyzer is installed in each apartment near the boiler, which registers and manages centrally the safety and shut-off valve on the gas line in case of gas leakage
  • Aluminum radiators and bathroom heaters will be mounted in the apartments
  • Fan convector heaters for ceiling installation, cassette type are designed for the stores
  • For the summer season, pipe connections for future installation of air-conditioning units of direct evaporation, inverter type are set in the living rooms of the apartments
  • The external units will be placed in specially designated spaces as part of the design and architecture of the building facade


  • Sanitary and hygienic standards for microclimate and air purity are provided. No mechanical ventilation is provided for rooms with the possibility of direct ventilation
  • Exhaust fans with a flap are installed in all sanitary and warehouse premises in the apartments and stores
  • The underground garage has general ventilation, discharging the contaminated air over the roof, and the compensating fresh air is provided by the three garage doors
  • In case of an emergency situation and a signal supplied by the fire alarm system or manually, emergency suction and discharge fans are turning on for each separate fire zone
  • Sliding metal doors in the garage separate the fire sectors and are connected to the fire alarm system, closing only in case of fire

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